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MGS Logo The MGS Radio Science Team (RST) delivers electron profiles of the martian ionosphere to NASA's Planetary Data System (PDS), where they are accessible to both planetary scientists and the general public. The MGS RST is also making these profiles available directly through the form on this page. There is a label associated with each profile which describes the content and format of the profile data file. These labels are also available here. This page includes options for displaying the profiles graphically.

The MGS RST does not plan to provide software for reading and displaying the electron density profiles beyond what is included on this web site.

Search criteria for standard Electron Density Profile (EDS) data files may be specified in the form below. Those criteria which are not desired to constrain the search should be left blank. Once the form is submitted, a list containing the names of the EDS files which satisfy all of the search criteria will be displayed. If no search criteria are specified then the list will contain the names of all of the EDS files that have been released to PDS.

For each of the search criteria (except Occultation Date), it is possible to select the boolean NOT from the corresponding pop-up menu. In this case, only those EDS files which are not in the specified range will satisfy the query. It is not necessary to specify both upper and lower limits for any particular search criterion; a single upper or lower limit for any search criterion is sufficient.

Once the query is submitted, you may select one of the EDS file names (at a time) which satisfy the query and you have the option to do any of the following:

  • view a plot of the standard electron density profile from the selected file
  • download the selected EDS file to your local disk
  • download the PDS label associated with the selected file to your local disk
  • download a compressed tar archive containing all EDS files (and their respective labels) which satisfy the original query

When you are ready to submit your request, click on the Submit button. You may clear the form at any time by clicking on the Clear Form button. It will take a few moments for your query to be processed. It may take more than a few moments if you choose to download a compressed tar archive containing many EDS files and their labels. Please be patient.

Standard electron density profiles are now available for the following dates:

  • December 24-31, 1998
  • March 9-27, 1999
  • May 6-29, 1999
  • November 1, 2000-June 6, 2001
  • November 1, 2002-June 4, 2003
  • June 22-July 2, 2003
  • November 23, 2004-June 9, 2005

You may also click here to download a complete archive of all EDS files and labels that have been released to PDS to date.

Search Criteria

<= Occultation Date (yyyy-mm-dd) <=
<= Angle From Diametric (deg [-180:180]) <=
<= Occultation Latitude (deg N [-90:90]) <=
<= Occultation Longitude (deg E [0:360]) <=
<= Solar Longitude (deg [0:360]) <=
<= Solar Zenith Angle (deg [0:180]) <=

Last updated: September 30, 2007
Joe Twicken / Dave Hinson