Retrieve Martian Atmospheric Data

MGS Logo Participants in the MGS Radio Science Team Education Outreach Program may use this form to retrieve martian atmospheric temperature and pressure data. Enter the first day of the seven-day period for which you would like to retrieve martian data, and select whether you would like the tables of data to be displayed as HTML tables or as plain text. HTML tables look better, but it might be desirable to print the tables in plain text format if you would like to save them and edit them later. When you are ready to submit your request, click on the Do It! button. You may clear the form at any time by clicking on the Clear Form button.

It may take a few moments for your data to be returned. Please be patient! Once you have retrieved the data, use your Web browser to print a hard copy or save the data as a file on your hard drive.

If you are having problems using this form to retrieve data from the atmospheric investigation of the MGS Radio Science Team, please contact

The specific dates for which data are available may always be found here.

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Last updated: July 07, 2005
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