Latest Control Room Photo

Thanks to the wonder of the Connectix QuickCam, we bring you a photograph every few minutes from the control rool at the SRI/Stanford 150-foot dish. It we look tired, it is because we are!!! Perhaps it would have been too much to ask for the spacecraft to have been visible a little later in the day during the period of the Mars Relay Flight Test.

The photo that you see was posted on this Web server at:

Tue Nov 26 14:13:42 UTC 1996

If you are running Netscape 1.1 or later, the latest photo should update automatically every two or three minutes. If that does not seem to happen or if you are running a browser which does not support the (admittedly non-standard) Refresh HTML tag, then "Reload" the page every few minutes to see the latest and greatest. If the camera is not running, the photograph on this page will not update (although the page will still refresh).

You may also view the latest Mars Relay spectra from the data acquisition system at the SRI/Stanford 150-foot antenna.

Last updated: 26 November 1996
Joe Twicken