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Radioscience Seminars

EE 350 Radioscience Seminar
Professor Umran S. Inan
Winter 2002-2003

Date: Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Time: 4:15 PM – Refreshments at 4:00
Location: Packard #202

Free-Space optical communication for sensor networks and secure data links
Prof. Joseph M. Kahn
EE, Stanford University

This talk will provide a brief overview of my group's research activities in optical fiber communications and free-space optical communications. Our recent efforts in free-space optical systems will be emphasized, including:

  • Free-space optical communication for "smart dust" motes. These are autonomous nodes incorporating sensing, data storage, power source and wireless transceiver in a volume of just a few cubic millimeters.

  • Secure, short-range free-space links between airplanes and other rapidly moving vehicles.

  • Spatial- and temporal-domain communication techniques to mitigate turbulence effects in free-space optical links.