Professor Umran Inan
Winter 2001-2002

TIME: Wednesdays at 4:15 PM, Refreshments at 4:00pm
LOCATION: 320-221
Stanford University

January 16 Time Series Analysis of the Solar Neutrino Flux - Is There a Signal in the Noise?
Prof. Peter Sturrock, Applied Physics and Physics, Stanford university
January 23 Note new location: Meet in Packard, Room 101
Cell Geometry Designs For Efficient Plasma Display Panels
Georgios Veronis, STAR Lab, Stanford University
January 30 Challenges of High Speed Wireless Systems: Beyond 3G and WLAN
Dr. Ahmad Bahai, National Semiconductor
February 6 Computational Studies of Nano-Photonic Devices
Prof. Shanhui Fan, Ginzton Lab, Stanford University
February 13 Recent developments and future directions in fusion energy science
Dr. Raffi Nazikian, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Princeton University
February 20 Landing Airplanes Using the Global Positioning System
Prof. Per Enge, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University
February 27 Shortwave radiation modeling for ecosystem studies using aircraft and satellite sensors
Prof. Gregory Asner, Geological & Environmental Sciences, Stanford University
March 6 The New Horizons-Pluto Kuiper-Belt Mission
Prof. Len Tyler, STAR Lab, Stanford University
March 13 Scanning Probes and the Nanoscale Era
Prof. Calvin Quate, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Stanford University