Professor Howard Zebker
Fall 2001-2002

TIME: Wednesdays at 4:15 PM, Refreshments at 4:00pm
LOCATION: 460-334
Stanford University

October 3 Ant Networks
Prof. Deborah Gordon, Dept. of Biological Science, Stanford University
October 10 The 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake: An InSAR View
Sigurjon Jonsson, Dept. of Geophysics, Stanford University
October 17 Measuring Topography of the Entire Earth with Radar Interferometry: The SRTM Mission
Dr. Paul Rosen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
October 24 Monitoring Urban Growth in the Pearl River Delta Using Landsat TM
Dr. Karen Seto, Center for Environmental Science and Policy, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University
October 31 Seeing Underground Flow Using Spaceborne Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
Prof. Howard Zebker, STAR Lab, Stanford
November 7 Correction of Phase Aberrations in MRI
Prof. John Pauly, Dept. of EE, Stanford University
November 14 A Ground Penetration Radar and Experiment
Joel Kositsky, SRI International,
November 21 No meeting, Thanksgiving Holiday
November 28 Phase Unwrapping for Large Radar Interferograms
Dr. Curtis Chen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
December 5 The GEOSAR Airborne UHF Interferometric Radar System
Dr. Scott Hensley, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA