Professor Umran S. Inan
Winter 1999-2000

TIME: Wednesdays at 4:15 PM, Refreshments at 4:00
LOCATION: 380-380X
Stanford University

January 12 Relativistic Runaway Electrons Above Thunderstorms
Dr. Nikolai Lehtinen, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
January 19 Observations in the polar cusps: Implications for Magnetic Reconnection
Dr. Steve Fuselier, Lockheed-Martin
January 26 Fundamentals and Experimental Studies of a He-Xe Microdischarge for Plasma Display Panels
Dr. Olivier Postel, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
February 2 The Sun: A laboratory for Physics and Astrophysics
Dr. Alan Title
February 9 Note location: Packard Rm. #202
VLF Imaging of Lightning-Induced Ionospheric Disturbances
Michael Johnson, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
February 16 The amazing tale of the tiny neutrinos
Prof. Giorgio Gratta, Physics Dept., Stanford University
February 23 Particle Acceleration and Explosive Energy Release in Solar Flares study of lightning
Dr. Robert Lin, Space Science Laboratory, UC Berkeley
March 1 Lidar Contributions to Noctilucent Cloud Studies: A Global Change Indicator
Dr. Jeff Thayer, SRI, International, Menlo Park
March 8 Stanford Student Satellite Program: From Small to Really Small
Prof. Robert Twiggs, Aero & Astro, Stanford University