STARLab Seminar Series, Winter 1995

11 January 1995
Investigations of Low Frequency (1 Hz to 30 Hz) EM Signals from Underground Nuclear and Chemical Explosions - Applications to Treaty Verification
Jerry J. Sweeney, Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
13 January 1995
Three Videos on Nuclear Weapon Effects on the Ionosphere and Upward Lightning Discharge Observations
Umran S. Inan, STARLab, Stanford University
18 January 1995
The Great Crash of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 With Jupiter
Imke de Pater, University of California at Berkeley
25 January 1995
An Incoherent Scatter Radar In Greenland
Craig Heinselman, SRI International
1 February 1995
The History of the Planets
Aldo Da Rosa, Electrical Engineering Department, Stanford University
8 February 1995
Imaging and Spectroscopy of Atmospheric X-rays: Experimental Methods and Recent Results
David Chenette, Space Sciences Laboratory, Lockheed Palo Alto Research Labs
15 February 1995
Ice Ages and the Earth's Orbit
Richard A. Muller, Professor of Physics, University of California and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
22 February 1995
Schumann-resonances in the Magnetic Field Components
Martin Fullekrug, STAR Lab, Stanford University
1 March 1995
Prepolarized Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Low Frequency Detection
Steve Conolly, Greig Scott, ISL, Stanford University
8 March 1995
The Enigmatic Cosmic Gamma Ray Burst
Vahe Petrosian, Department of Physics, Stanford University

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