STARLab Seminar Series, Winter 1996

10 January 1996
Induced Ionospheric Double Probe Tether Potential Measurements and Models for TSS-1 Electrodynamics
Dr. Scott Williams, STARLab, Stanford University
17 January 1996
Optical Observations of Storm Induced Optical Phenomena in the Upper Atmosphere: Sprites and ELV-s
Dr. S. B. Mende, Lockheed Martin Palo Alto Research Laboratory
24 January 1996
Pulsed Radar Measurements During the Sprites'96 Campaign in Colorado
Dr. Roland Tsunoda, SRI
31 January 1996
Wireless Personal Communications: An Overview
Dr. D. C. Cox, STARLab, Stanford University
07 February 1996
High Resolution Topography of Venus: Radar Stereo Mapping from Magellan
Dr. Scott Hensley, JPL
14 February 1996
Planetary Imaging by Spinning Infrared Interferometry
Prof. R. Bracewell, STARLab, Stanford University
21 February 1996
Runaway Electrons as a Source of Red Sprites, and Terrestrical Gamma Ray Bursts in the Mesosphere
Dr. T. F. Bell, STARLab, Stanford University
28 February 1996
On the Mysterious Properties of the Polar Summer Mesosphere: Forecast for Increasing Cloudiness and Liquid Nitrogen Temperatures or, Was Chicken Little Right?
Dr. Michael Kelley, Engineering & Theory Center, Cornell University
06 March 1996
13 March 1996
Semiconductor Snow in Venus Highlands?
Dr. Richard Simpson, STARLab, Stanford University

Last update: 17 April 1996