Professor Umran S. Inan
Winter 1997-98

TIME: Wednesdays at 4:15 PM, Refreshments at 4:00
Stanford University

January 14 Using Radio Tomography Imaging to Investigate the Earth's Magnetosphere
Dr. Robert Ergun, Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley
January 21 Note location: BLDG 260/Rm 113
Global Warming: Unfinished Business
Dr. S. Fred Singer, Science and Environmental Policy Project
January 28 Examples of Space-Borne Infrared Instrumentation for Sounding the Stratosphere and Mesosphere
Dr. Jack Kumer, Lockheed-Martin, Advanced Technology Center
February 4 Application of Plasmas to Patterning in VLSI Fabrication
Dr. Jim McVittie, Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University
February 11 The Role and Treatment of Clouds in Atmospheric Models
Prof. Mark Z. Jacobson, Civil Engineering, Stanford University
February 18 The Mystery of Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts Resolved
Prof. Vahe Petrosian, Applied Physics, Stanford University
February 25 Gas Hydrates Under Earth's Oceans
Prof. Amos M. Nur, Geophysics, Stanford Univesity
March 4 Optical observations of high latitude auroras in Antarctica
Dr. Stephen B. Mende, UC Berkeley
March 11 Application of Plasmas in Satellite Propulsion
Prof. Mark A. Cappelli, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University