Professor Umran Inan
Winter 2000-2001

TIME: Wednesdays at 4:15 PM, Refreshments at 4:00
LOCATION: 200. Rm.#34
Stanford University

January 17 Recent Experiments on the Precipitation of Energetic Ions and Electrons into the Atmosphere
Prof. Martin Walt, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
January 24 Nonequilibrium Discharges in Atmospheric Pressure Air
Prof. Charles Kruger, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
January 31 A New Phased Array Radar for Ionospheric Studies
Dr. Craig Heinselman and Dr. John Kelly, SRI International
February 7 Note new location (this meeting only): Meet Bldg. Packard Rm. 101
Bill Hewlett and Graduate Student Life in Fred Terman's Lab
Prof. Stewart Gillmor, Wesleyan University
February 14 Designing a Radar to Map Subsurface Liquid Water on Europa
Prof. Howard Zebker, STAR Lab, Stanford University
February 21 Radio Imaging of Plasma Boundaries in Near-Earth Space
Prof. Donald Carpenter, STAR Lab, Stanford University
February 28 Fuel Cells Have Arrived
Prof. Aldo daRosa, STAR Lab, Stanford University
March 7 Space: the Final Frontier in Broadband Access
Prof. John Cioffi, STAR Lab, Stanford University
March 14 Multi-Spectral Far Ultraviolet Imaging of the Aurora
Dr. Steve Mende, Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley