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Radioscience Seminars

EE 350 Radioscience Seminar
Professor Howard Zebker
Autumn 2003-2004

Time: Wednesdays at 4:15 PM, Refreshments at 4:00
Location: Bldg. TC SEQ, Room 101

Oct 1. 4-D imaging of the Earth's subsurface using InSAR:
moving beyond the single interferogram
Prof. Howard Zebker,
EE and Geophysics at Stanford University

Oct 15. Searching for Geomagnetically Conjugate Optical Signatures of Intense Lightning Discharges and Sprites
  Bob Marshall,
Dept. of EE, Stanford University
Oct 22. Imaging the Earth's subsurface with seismic waves
  Dr. Robert Clapp
Dept. of Geophysics, Stanford University
Oct 29. Dual-Use Space-Borne Radar Applications and Technology
  Paul Rosen
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Nov 5. Cassini Radio Occultation and Bistatic Scattering Experiments Planning
  Prof. Essam A. Marouf
Dept. of EE, San Jose State University
Nov 12. Recent Trends in Discrete Denoising
  Prof. Tsachy Weissman
Dept. of EE, Stanford University
Nov 19. An Airborne L-band SAR for Repeat Pass Deformation Measurements
  Dr. Scott Hensley
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Nov 26. No seminar, Thanksgiving holiday
Dec 3. Technology Development for Ultra-Low-Power Circuit Techniques
  Jawad Nasrullah
Dept. of EE, Stanford University

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