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Radioscience Seminars

EE 350 Radioscience Seminar
Professor Umran S. Inan
Winter 2003-2004

Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Time: 4:15 PM – Refreshments at 4:00
Location: Bldg. 160, Room 323

Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers and some Applications
Prof. B. T. Khuri-Yakub
Ginzton Lab, Stanford University

With the advent of silicon micromachining, it is now possible to make capacitors with very thin gaps that sustain electric fields of the order of 109 V/m or more. These capacitors can be made into transducers of ultrasound in gases, liquids and solids. This presentation will show how such transducers can be made to outperform traditional piezoelectric transducers in many applications such as nondestructive evaluation, underwater camera, and medical ultrasound imaging.