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Radioscience Seminars

EE 350 Radioscience Seminar
Professor Umran S. Inan
Winter 2003-2004

Time: Wednesdays at 4:15 PM, Refreshments at 4:00
Location: Packard EE Bldg., Room 202

Jan 7. Remote Sensing the Earth's Plasmasphere
Prof. Don Carpenter
STAR Lab, EE, Stanford University
Jan 14. The New Mars Missions and the Search for Water and Life on Mars
  Dr. Ivan Linscott
STAR Lab, EE, Stanford University
Jan 21. Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays
  Dr. Nikolai G. Lehtinen
Assistant Researcher, Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Hawaii
Jan 28. Ionospheric Irregularities
  Prof. Jean-Pierre St-Maurice
University of Western Ontario
Feb 4. The High Latitude Ionosphere-Thermosphere System and its Coupling to the Magnetosphere
  Dr. Jeff Thayer
SRI International
Feb 11. Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers and some Applications
  Prof. B. (Pierre) Khuri-Yakub
Ginzton Lab, Stanford University
Feb 18. The Role of Alfven Wave Produced Auroras During Substorms
  Dr. Stephen Mende
Space Science Lab, Berkeley
Feb 25. Radio Sounding of Geospace Plasmas
  Prof. Bodo W. Reinisch
Environmental, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Department Center for Atmospheric Research, University of Massachusetts Lowell
March 3. Wave Models in the Equatorial Region of the Plasmasphere : Frequencies Above and Below the Proton Gyrofrequency
  Dr. François Lefeuvre
March 10. Distributions of Plasmaspheric Plasma Waves
  Dr. James L. Green
Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

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