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STAR Lab faculty teach a wide spectrum of courses covering may aspects of electrical engineering and related topics. These include introductory courses at the undergraduate level such as elementary circuits and waves, first-year graduate courses in telecommunications, electromagnetics, and signal processing, and advanced and specialized courses in the research fields of our faculty. Master's students tend to concentrate on course depth and breadth criteria to obtain their degree, while Ph. D. students take courses appropriate to their field of study and also research units. All students are expected to meet the EE Department curriculum requirements- see the Graduate Student Handbook for details.

STAR Lab hosts several seminar series that supplement lecture and lab courses, and these are attended not only by students obtaining academic credit but also by faculty, staff and other students in STARLab who are interested in the weekly speakers.  A listing for the Radioscience Seminar series is here.

For admission information, please refer to the EE Admissions page.

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