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Kibeom Seong Nov. 6, 2006
Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for Multi-User Communication Systems
David Daxiao Yu Nov. 1, 2006
Multi-User Bit-Loading: Theoretical Limits and Practical Implementations
Rui Zhang Oct. 11, 2006
On Multiuser Power Region of Multi-Antenna Multiple Access Channel
William Peter Oct. 5, 2006
Ground-Based Measurements of Lightning-Induced Electron Precipitation
Fayaz Onn Jun. 16, 2006
GPS and Radar Remote Sensing of Water Vapor
Manuel Platino Feb. 6, 2006
Aspects of ELF/VLF Chorus Generation Mechanism: Source Location and Motion
Vjekoslav Svilan May 6, 2003
Measurement, Modeling, and Control of Variable Vdd/Vth CMOS Systems
Stavros Toumpis April 29, 2003
Capacity of Wireless Networks and Design Principles
Leif Harcke April 16, 2003
Radar Imaging of Ice on Planetary Surfaces
Maria Spasojevic April 3, 2003
Global Dynamics of the Earth's Plasmasphere
Jacob Bortnik March 12, 2003
Precipitation of Energetic Electrons From the Earth's Radiation-Belts due to Lightning-Generated Very Low Frequency Waves
Elizabeth Gerken Dec 11, 2002
Streamer and Diffuse Glow Dynamics Observed in Sprites using Telescopic Imagery
Georgios Veronis Jan. 23, 2002
Cell Geometry Designs for Efficient Plasma Display Panels
Shin-shiuan Cheng July 23, 2001
Integrated Resource Allocation and Adaptive Antennas in Mobile Cellular Systems
Karen Qing Tian Aug. 20, 2001
Mobility Management in PCS Networks
Christopher Barrington-Leigh July 21, 2000
Fast Photometric Imaging of High Altitude Optical Flashes Above Thunderstorms
Snezana D. Maslakovic July 7, 2000
Smooth Orthonormal Wavelet Libraries: Design and Application
Michael Johnson Feb. 9, 2000
VLF Imaging of Lightning-Induced Ionospheric Disturbances
John E. Baron June 22, 1999
Numerical Simulation of Radiowave Scattering from Planetary Surfaces
Thomas Liu April 13, 1999
Ultra-low Frequency Magnetic Fields in the San Francisco Bay Area: Measurements, Models, and Signal Processing
Tuna Karayel Nov. 18, 1998
Diffraction, Multipath, and Ducting in Radio Occultation
Arlen D. Schmidt Nov. 11, 1998
ISAR Imaging of Satellites at VHF
Bilal Ahmad May 29, 1998
Accuracy and Resolution of the Radio Occultation Method: A New Formulation and Analysis
Scott D. Williams April 10, 1998
Using an Electrodynamic Tethered Satellite as an Ionospheric Electric Double Probe to Measure Vertical Electric Field and Estimate Tethered Satellite Motion
Steven C. Reising April 9, 1998
Remote Sensing of the Electrodynamic Coupling between Thunderstorm Systems and the Mesosphere / Lower Ionosphere
Tad Hofmeister March 16, 1998
Distributed Slot Synchronization: A Network-Wide Synchronization Technique for Packet-Switched Optical Networks
Tsung-En Andy Lee Dec. 11, 1997
Low Power DSP Architecture for Multi-Standard Wireless Communications
Sanjay K. Agrawal Dec. 08, 1997
Characterization Modeling and Multiplexing of Real-Time Video Traffic Over Broadband Networks
Douglas Chrissan Sept. 17, 1997
Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Low-Frequency Radio Noise and Optimization of Low-Frequency Communications
Steven Cummer July 29, 1997
Lightning and Ionospheric Remote Sensing Using VLF/ELF Radio Atmospherics
Byoung-Jo Kim June 26, 1997
Blind Equalization for short burst wireless communications
Derek Lam June 25, 1997
Location Management Techniques and Teletraffic Modeling for Large Wireless Communications Networks
Mitchell Oslick June 6, 1997
Multiresolution Analysis and Sampled Functions
Dave Lauben May 23, 1997
Precipitation of Radiation Belt Electrons by Obliquely-Propagating Lightning-Generated Whistler Waves
Bevan Baas May 23, 1997
An Approach to Low-power, High-performance, Fast Fourier Transform Processor Design

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